Sherman Tank


Crew:                       5
Weight:                    31.6 tonnes
Length                      6.06 m (19'10")
Height                      2.74 m (9')
Width                       2.62 m (8'7")
Engine Power:           425 hp


Main Gun:                 75-mm gun 
Machinegunsx2         .30-calibre

The Sherman tank is one of the classic and most loved army vehicles. The M4 Sherman tank was a winner by numbers, not by quality. When the US entered World War 2 it did not have a modern tank. As a vehicle, the M4 Sherman was very reliable, and as such it was superior to the German tanks, but as a tank the M4 Sherman had several problems, especially when compared to its enemies, the German tanks. It was simply inferior to them in most aspects: it had a relatively thin armour, an inferior 75mm or 76mm gun which simply could not penetrate the front armour of the German Tiger tanks even from short range, while they could easily destroy the Sherman from long ranges and it was very tall at 3.43m high, which is taller than the German tigers. In fact, to destroy a German Tiger, the Sherman's had to hit it from the side or from behind, and obviously if the Tiger crew saw them approaching, it could destroy several Sherman's before the others could eventually destroy it. It triumphed though in numbers as there was approximately 40,000 Sherman Tanks produced compared to less than 7000 German Tanks.