T72 Main Battle Tank

T72 main battle tank


Crew:                     3
Speed:                   60 kph on the road
                             45 kph off road
Combat Weight:      44.5 tonnes
Height:                   2.19m (7'2")
Width:                    3.58m (11'9")
Length:                   6.91 m (22'8")
Ground Pressure:    0.90kg/cm 2
Engine Power:         840-hp Diesel


Main Gun:
Machinegun             7.62-mm 

The T72 main battle tank entered production in 1971 and was first seen by the public in 1975. The T72 has greater mobility than the T62 and is powered by a V12 diesel engine that has an output of 840 hp. This engine is remarkably smoke-free and smooth-running, having eliminated the excessive vibration which was said to cause high crew fatigue in the T-62. The T-72 has better armour protection than the T-62, due to the use of layered armour and other many other features. The advanced passive armour package of the T-72M and T-72M1 can sustain direct hits from the 105mm gun equipped M1 Abrams at up to 2,000 meter range. The T72 has proved to be one of the most popular MBT's and is used by armies in Algeria, Angola, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Boznia-Herz, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, India, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Libya, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Yugoslavia.